How to do Diaphragmatic Breathing While Pregnant and Postpartum

Diaphragmatic Breathing is excellent for anyone looking to connect to their Pelvic Floor Postpartum or Pregnant.

I did these pregnant and post c-section to help heal my DR (diastasis recti).  Here is how you do it! 

As you Inhale-belly and ribs expand slightly with air. You can put one hand on your ribs and belly and try to think of breathing into those places. Then as you exhale- at the same time draw your pelvic floor up and your TVA in, you can think about closing all three opening beneath you (all your private openings), other cues could be “stoping the flow of urine”, or “holding in a fart”. You can also think of a flower or jellyfish opening and closing.  So you want to close those openings, and this will help with engaging the core muscles. Imagine your ribs contracting in and slightly downwards. At the same time your PV(Pelvic floor) and TVA(Transverse Abdominus) engage up and in. You can hold this contraction for 5 seconds and then relax and repeat. If you are pregnant watch till the end and you will see what it looks like when I was super pregnant doing these breaths. I recommend sitting on a ball to do this. Also, (if you aren’t pregnant) if gravity is too intense, you can do these sitting on a ball or laying down on your back as well.

💗Pregnancy Friendly


💗Diastasis Friendly

💗Human with a pelvic floor friendly 

Here is a video so y’all can see a demonstration of what this type of breathing can look like.  When done right it can be quite the workout! Have fun!

Mamas!! I hope you love this video and it helps you see what diaphragmatic breathing can look like pregnant or postpartum! This is me at 10 months postpartum and 8 months pregnant!

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