Advanced Postpartum Core Exercises For Diastasis Recti and C-section Recovery


I’ve got some Advanced Diastasis Recti Core Exercises for y’all. If you are newly postpartum or new to connecting to your PF (pelvic floor) and TVA (Transverse Abdominis) then you’ll want to go back to a few of my other DR posts. Or my Diastasis Recti highlight on my instagram!


Remember that ANY exercise can be DR unsafe, depending on where you are in your core healing journey and how your ENTIRE core unit is working with exercise and breath. Everyone is different. We are not just focused on the “6 pack” muscles or the Gap for that matter. How Is the integrity of your linea alba, the tissue that runs down the middle of your 6 pack? Is there any resistance or bounce back or is it completely stretched and sinking in? Meet with a pelvic floor physio! It’s important! As MOST personal trainers are not also Dr.’s so meet with one! 💗You can try to start connecting with your Pelvic Floor and TVA pretty soon after surgery before cleared for physical activity but again check with your dr or PT. Things like TVA breaths on your back or side are some ways to try to regain that muscle mind connection. 

As with all these moves the BREATH is the most important thing. 💗Inhale-release Pelvic Floor (think of a flower opening), belly gently rises with air, air moves into your back and low belly. 💗Exhale- in this order, contract/lift pelvic floor (flower closes, the 3openings are closing), and then contract lower abdominals slowly working your way up to knitting your ribs together, if you Hiss or make noise as your exhale this helps engage the TVA, your deepest core muscles. 💗Eccentric movement is the inhale and concentric is the exhale.

Here are Four advanced exercises.

💗DeadBug Alternating

💗Bear Plank Knee Taps

💗Bird Dog into Lateral Birddog

💗Glute Bridge Alternating Single Leg March with Chest Fly

Repeat 10 of each on each side for 1-3 Rounds!

Again I want to say that this is not medical advice and everyone’s postpartum journey is different.  Also consult your DR/Physio before starting a new workout plan!

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