Mama Products I Am Loving!

Belly Bandit Belly Boost Sleeve


This little number has been so nice to wear during my long shifts bartending. Its just gives my little bump a lift up and supports my back, relieving some pressure. I wear a size small and got it in the nude color! I love that it will stretch with me through my whole pregnancy.



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The Best Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever!!

Who doesn’t love a simple chocolate chip cookie?!

I have to say that it’s definitely been something I’ve missed since going vegan. It’s so easy to run to the store pick up cookies from the bakery section but it isn’t so easy when you are plant based. So, I looked and looked for a recipe that wasn’t loaded with necessary ingredients. I’m not going for “fancy” here, people. I just wanted simple chocolate chip cookies! Also, I didn’t want to use any oil.

Here are the cookies from the Truelove Pantry!


I looked at a few recipes and came up with this tweaked recipe that is super easy and delicious.

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For My New Mama To Be’s

1When I first found out I was pregnant, obviously like many new mamas, a million things ran through my mind. But one thing that I knew I was going to do right away was get on a prenatal and omega pill.

As with anything important, I called my Mama and Nana, and they agreed that the first thing to do is to get on a prenatal pill.

But Wait… I’m Vegan

The next thought was, “Well, I am a vegan so you need to make the choice to find vegan sources for these vitamins and omegas, or you take the easy route and go main stream.” This honestly was a struggle for me, I have made the choice to be plant-based, but now I am carrying another human and I need to be responsible for making sure my body has all the necessary vitamins and nutrients to make this baby strong and healthy. Am I letting pride get in the way? Do I listen to people telling me that my pregnancy will be high-risk if I choose to be vegan while pregnant? These were the things that were racing through my mind.


I realized very quickly that many people are going to have-and-give opinions about your body and what you do while you are pregnant, whether you want their opinions or not. So, be ready for that. We then decided I would stay vegan; because, I can get all the same nutrients being plant-based as I would be not vegan, and that I would be healthier and I am able to stay true to my ethics this way.

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