Elf on a Shelf Playbook, Coloring Page & XMAS Eve Checklist

Click the photo for our new Christmas pjs! Rivers are an $8 set!! Mine are $25!

Ho Ho Ho! I am feeling very ahead of this game this year!

Last year we were scurrying around the morning off trying to find a new place to hide our elf because we forgot to move her the night before! And even worse, forgetting to move her all together and Bug finding her in the same spot. Good thing she was only two and didn’t really understand completely yet!

But this year, there is no fooling around! We mean business and we made a playbook for it!

I was making this purely for myself and trying to stay organized! But many of my mamas in my Instagram community wanted access to this for easy reference! So here it is!

I have also included my Christmas Eve Checklist (Zippy our elf will leave this for us on Christmas Eve morning)

I have also included my gingerbread “find these” activity coloring page. Again, something I made for my kids, so I hope you enjoy them 🙂 Zippy will leave sheets for all of us to color!

**These are not my elf photo! I plan on replacing them with our own as we go through the month and tweak our ideas!

Lactation Cookies and No-Bake Power Balls

HI mamas! I hope you love these recipes! These are great to make in bulk so you have a quick snack full of goodness to help with milk supply!

You can add in or sub out whatever you’d like from my recipes! Change the nut butter, add dried fruit or nuts!

I will save you the story and long post before sharing the recipe! Because you didn’t come here for a story, you came for the recipe!

C-section Hospital Bag Checklist & Birth Preferences Sheet (Filled Out + Blank)

Hi Mamas!

I was creating my own hospital bag list and was thinking this could be helpful for other mamas that are having a planned c-section or just want an easy checklist template to make your own!

I also know that every delivery is different and mamas preferences differ as well! So I have provided blank sheets and extras for you to create what you need for you labor and hospital stay!

These are not hard rules or items you need!

Don’t forget to add “specific to you” items like glasses, contacts, solutions, Tucks (for hemorrhoids or vaginal delivery), any medications you or your partner needs.

Special notes from classes you have taken, or items that you want present during labor and during your hospital stay.

I forgot to add a sound machine to our list! I will be bringing that as well!

You can watch my highlight on instagram of me going through all my items here!

Also feel free to download these pdfs and use what you need! Ditch what you don’t 🙂 I hope you have the birth experience you are hoping for, and if you don’t, I want you to know that birth and labor and delivery is all a success! You are a warrior!

What did you add! What did I forget!