Restore FUNction!

Leaking and pain is not the price you have to pay as a mom!

You deserve to live life PAD & PAIN Free!

This is your whole body, restorative program with low impact core/pelvic floor focused workouts, functional movement, posture, and cardio workouts that energize and pour into your cup! I made this program for new or seasoned mamas, its never too late to heal!

Who MomCORE is for

Anyone Experiencing

C-section delivery, indented/hypertrophic, hypersensitive or numb scar

C-sections are no joke mama! The trauma from surgery can impact us mental, emotionally and physically. As a 2x c-section mama myself, I designed MomCORE with belly birth mamas in mind. In my app you will have c-section scar protocols to restore the most function to your lower belly, scar tissue and more.

What is scar tissue: scar tissue is part of bodies natural healing process to stabilize an area that has been injured. 

An Adhesion is a band of scar tissue that connects surfaces that weren’t previously connected…think skin to  fascia, fascia to muscle, muscles to organs. 

This new connection post post surgery can lead to chronic back pain, urinary incontinence, painful insertion and intercourse, limited range of motion and function of not just the core muscles but the back, pelvic floor, hip flexors, glutes and even our breathing patterns etc. 

Over time, the scar tissue can become less mobile and can be a point in the body that everything kind of pulls in toward, example would be an indented scar,  trouble standing up straight, tugging or pulling down low if you put your hands over head etc. 

Good news is that you can start to allow more movement, function and mobility to your scar tissue and adhesions no matter how long ago your surgery was! 

Incontinence (leaking)

Leaking can be caused by poor pressure management, pelvic floor muscle imbalances (overactive or low tone), endurance or coordination issues and more! Kegels are not the magic trick to heal this very frustrating symptom!

Through my program, assessments and coaching we will get to the root cause of your leaking! 

Chronic low back pain

Low back pain can affect anyone, whether you have delivered a baby or not! Back pain can be contributed by breathing patterns, posture tendencies, loss of thoracic mobility, decreased core strength and more! This is a HUGE focus in my program! Increasing core strength/function, optimizing your breathing and motor recruitment patterns can have a huge positive impact on your back pain.

Painful or low sensation intercourse

Painful sex is never normal and shouldn’t be (unless you want it to be!). Pain with insertion, thrusting or burning/itchy post sex can be a sign something is off. Tight pelvic floor muscles can contribute to these types of pains/sensation.

Low/no sensation during sex or trouble orgasming can be connected to low tone in the pelvic floor.

But have no fear! By optimizing your breathing patterns, muscle imbalances, creating more body awareness & confidence and reconnecting to your pelvic floor postpartum can provide so much improvement without surgery!

Hypertonic pelvic floor

Here is why endless kegels and long pelvic floor contractions may be making your incontinence issues worse. Think of your pelvic floor as a coil spring! 

For the spring to be functional, there needs to be space between the rings to allow for shock absorption and support. A tight pelvic floor is a fully compressed coil spring with no ability to expand, contract or absorb shock…or to allow for insertion (ie sex or orgasms)!

We need length to build strength! Inside of my program, you will be doing lots of training in the lengthening phase of the pelvic floor range of motion.

Low belly pooch or diastasis

A low belly pooch can be caused by a variety of different things! I bet you are starting to catch on to the fact that my approach involves the whole body and is multifaceted because our bodies are more interconnected than we have been lead to believe! Kegels and crunches are not magic exercises! 

Lower ab dysfunction, diastasis, c-section scar tissue & adhesions, poor breathing patterns and poor posture habits can all contribute to the lower belly pooch! These are all things that can be addressed inside of MomCORE! With my program, additional video content and coaching, we can restore function to your MomCORE! 

Flat butt or tailbone pain

Flat booty means gripping for stability…the trick is figuring out who isn’t doing their job! Which I can help you with in the app through self assessments and coaching.

Many things impact your ability to grow glutes and why your glutes are gripped in the first place. Pelvic floor, core, breathing habits and more. We can clench for fear of leaking, anxiety/stress can also contribute to pelvic floor tightness and tailbone pain & tucking.

Think of a dog tucking their tail when they get in trouble. They are protecting their most vulnerable spaces…this is why stress and anxiety can play a role in your habits and physical healing. This tucked pelvic position also creates a straight shot out of the pelvic floor, presenting a greater opportunity for leaks, pressure down & prolapse. Through my program we will address your body as a whole to increase long lasting impact & results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need equipment

Yes! You’ll need equipment to get started!

Bench (or chair/couch)

Dumbbells 3-5 lb and 8- 10lb

Loop resistance band

Long resistance band with handles

Small inflated ball

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Is it too late for me? I delivered ‘xyz’ years ago

Sister, no matter when you delivered whether it was 6 weeks, 6 month, years or 20+ years postpartum. Once postpartum, always postpartum, and there is so much power in that!

What does it cost

You can join my app and community for FREE for the first 7 days. After that, you’ll pay $14.99/month or $99.99/year.

That breaks down to just $0.49 a day or $0.27 a day — less than your morning cup of coffee!

OR you can get a Year Access upfront for 25% off with code MOMCORE making it $74.99) until end of November 2022

What are the workouts like?

This is a whole body restorative program with on-demand, follow along, low impact core/pelvic floor focused workouts, functional movement, posture, and cardio workouts. I created this for anyone that has been pregnant/delivered a baby OR is experiencing core and pelvic floor dysfunction.

I am a beginner or newly postpartum, is this program for me?

MomCORE is for any level of fitness. Plus, I walk you through all exercises with easy-to-follow videos. This means you’ll be able to do all the moves easily, accurately, and safely. **If you are newly postpartum (c-section included), you can begin when you are ready according to the ACOG! Listen to your body and special requests from your OB

Can I do MomCORE during pregnancy?

Sure can!! There are so many benefits to exercise during pregnancy for you and your baby! Another thing to keep in mind is that each mamas fitness level and tolerance level is different. There really aren’t hard rules for exercises that are off limits during pregnancy unless you have been restricted by your OB!

As long as you haven’t been restricted by your dr. and the hernia is not painful, then you are good to go! Hernia and prolapse are pressure management issues, so by correcting how you manage pressure, breathe, connect to your body, we can improve symptoms and reduce the risk for these getting worse over time!

Can I do MomCORE with a Hernia/prolapse?

As long as you haven’t been restricted by your dr. and the hernia is not painful, then you are good to go! Hernia and prolapse are pressure management issues, so by correcting how you manage pressure, breathe, connect to your body, we can improve symptoms and reduce the risk for these getting worse over time!

Notable Features

In App Calendar

You can seamlessly set specific workout reminders to stay on track to reaching your goals!

35 minutes or less

MomCORE workouts are made with mamas in mind! Feel energized!

Sisterhood community

You are never alone in this experience! You’ve got me and an entire community of hundreds of women in the same season of life as you working through MomCORE!

Access to 1000’s of workouts

Through my platform you have access to 1000’s of workouts including, MomCORE, Move with mama workouts, quickies, TLCs & more!

Stream across devices

Cast to Roku, apple tv and fire tv

Download workouts

Going off the grid!? Stress free wifi-less workout streaming!

Progress Tracker

Track your progress with your app.

Upload your progress photos directly in your app PRIVATELY, for easy tracking! 

  • Upload photos
  • Date keeping
  • Weight Tracking

Check out the inside of my app!

Watch this video to see inside the app!

Why You’ll Love MomCORE

There is never been a better time to focus on YOU!

  • Have more energy!
  • Feel stronger in your body
  • Direct access to core & pelvic floor specialist
  • Do mom life PAD & PAIN FREE!
  • Build body awareness for long lasting change

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Loving It”

The awareness and connection to all the right
muscles after just one video is mind blowing! I
can feel all the old muscle connections fading as
we are consciously rerouting them!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Comprehensive & Easy”

I have watched endless breathing videos, and
this is by far the most comprehensive and easy to
apply explanation that I’ve heard. Jesse does so
well in explaining proper breathing in a way that
can be quickly applied and implemented easily.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Encouraging tone”

I am someone that has always struggled with
staying consistent with working out. I tend to get
overwhelmed and over critical of myself but the
way you explain everything and your soothing
and encouraging tone makes me prioritize
movement and I genuinely look forward to your


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