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Hey Sister, you’ve finally made it here! I am so glad! Grab your iced coffee and get cozy!

Ill start off with introducing myself! My name is Jesse Truelove…yessss thats my real last name thanks to my highschool sweetheart! We have two girls, both delivered via c-section, Radley & River. Im a crunchy-ish mama that follows my gut and supports other moms to do the same. We do a lot of things that seem “unpopular” on social media but we have found what works for us and we go with our guts as the parents responsible for our little humans.

We sleep pile, aka bedshare, with a 2 toddlers, use essential oils and try to live lox tox, we don’t leave our kids with sitters/friends/family, we nurse and rock to sleep (hi sleep crutches lol), we are breaking cycles and trying our very hardest to gentle/positive discipline our children as we continue to parent and grow ourselves as adults. So much of parenting has been a big giant mirror of our own short comings as adults. HELLO inner child trauma lol.

I have been certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine since 2014, and am a Women Fitness specialist certified through NASM as well. I am also Pre/Post Natal fitness certified, and a Postpartum Core Exercise Specialist, as well as a pelvic floor exercise specialist, something I am so passionate about.  I have trained women in private studios, led outdoor bootcamps, weight endurance cardio classes in gyms, in both California and Oklahoma! I obtained my Kinesiology degree in California, and continued to get my Business Management degree in Oklahoma. I was the prior Head Coach & then Program Director for a multiple online postpartum recovery and prenatal fitness apps.

You can now train with me through the MomCORE Method available on my Mobile App!

I have coached thousands of pregnant and postpartum women and cannot wait to connect with YOU!

I’m here, doing what I do, because I promised to be the “hand up”, resource, and source of validation that I didn’t get as a new C-section mama. 

I struggled big with recovering from 26 hours of labor, uterine infection, “failure to progress”, to end up in an emergency C-section & being told I’d never have a vaginal delivery. Those last words haunted me. For a control freak like me…this was just about as traumatic as it could get. You can read both my full birth stories here on my website but long story short I dealt with PP anxiety, identity issues, pf dysfunction (painful intercourse, leaking, adhesions), birth trauma and dun dun dunnnnn all the other regular mom guilt, pressure and shaming from a variety of sources.

I didn’t get direction, PT or recommendations for how to heal…from everything. Including the birth trauma. Where was the damn village everyone talks about. 

So I had to scratch and claw my way out of my mess. And when I did, I saw the ocean of women in the same boat that I had been in. Rowing with a one sided oar. In a circle. Going no where. 

It’s no wonder being a new mom is so isolating (not to mention the last couple years events)

With comments like…”well you’re a mom know so you just have to live with leaking”, “sex will never be the same”, or to C-section moms “you took the easy way out” & “oh but you didn’t really give birth”, or co sleeping moms “you’re asking for something bad to happen” or “you’re creating bad habits”…breast feeding moms, “breast is best but eww you should go do that somewhere else”….or jUsT bE gRaTfUL 😑

Not to mention the mom shaming, guilt, unsolicited comments or advice…I mean holy shit…how does a mom win in 2022. 

Bottom line, my space, is a place that I hope moms feel validated, supported, empowered, represented, and loved. Because I do. I love moms. I love being a mom. It’s the hardest job in the world. WE know that. WE are on the same team. Trying to raise our small humans the best we can to make this world a better place. 

The least we can do is acknowledge that fact in one another. 

I had such a hard physical, mental and emotional recovery from my first experience with a c-section. It was an emergency situation and went completely the opposite of what I dreamed of my birth story looking like. I felt like a stranger in my body and I felt like my body had totally failed me. That experience is 1000% why I am in the field that I am now. Focusing on being the support, resource & shoulder for mamas, validating their feelings about their pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience and restoring their faith in their bodies. I definitely found my purpose in my own mess of postpartum.

My first delivery experience, an unplanned emergency c-section, was honestly the worst. Yes yes yes, it ended it a beautiful baby girl and we were both healthy, but my birth experience was also important, as is every moms. I felt like my body had failed, like I had no control of the situation and like I had been robbed of this experience that women “are meant to do”. I mean, gosh you just don’t understand the weight those words carry until your body literally can not do what it was “meant to do”. I struggled for a long time about my birth and at the time, I was not sharing openly how much I struggled mentally, physically and emotionally around Radley’s birth. I wish I had, had content to look to or a support team to help me through that time.

I went into my labor, fully thinking I would have my baby naturally, as I had physically and mentally been training for this moment throughout my pregnancy, it ended in an emergency c-section. My recovery was brutal and getting the all clear from my Dr. 8 weeks later left me with a body I didn’t recognize and honestly didn’t know how to move. I couldn’t walk, sit to go pee or get out of bed without help…for weeks. What I should have done in that first 8 weeks was never discussed with me. And being in the fitness industry for the past 6 years and an athlete all my life, I had never felt more lost. I felt like a beginner and a stranger in my own body. This gave me a new found respect for moms just trying to figure out how to get their bodies to function normal again. Core dysfunction, Pelvic dysfunction and rehab of the entire core unit was never discussed with me. My experience with my postpartum, along with the lack of support and information, That lack of support is exactly why I became that support for other moms.

My second delivery experience was so different! Funny enough, I had always planned to try for a Vbac after Radley. Mostly because my OB at the time told me, literally minute before telling me I would need an emergency c-section, that I would never be able to have a vaginal delivery. So of course a little part of me was like, “oh yeah? Watch me!” I speak about this in a podcast I did with the Vbac Link, about how I chose to have a repeat c-section.  Once I became pregnant again after Rad, we did experience a loss between Rad and River, my pride about trying for a VBAC shifted and I really thought about where it would put me mentally if I tried and ended up in the same position as last time, but this time had two babies to care for, a full time job caring and pouring into other mamas, and also being a present wife, not to mention the risks involved with trying for a VBAC in a rural area of the country with no OR on staff 24/7.  The risks of a unsuccessful VBAC outweighs the reward for me. Nonetheless, my experience with my second c-section, although still very scary and stress inducing for me went way smoother and once I was actually in the OR room with my husband by myself and a new OR team and OB than with my first…I have to say, all I felt was peace. It was so so different.  My recovery was so so different. Although I did have a series of unfortunate events, unrelated to most c-sections which I speak about in my Story Highlights on my IG, overall the experience was so healing for me.  It healed so much trauma for me from my first birth experience. 

Once you have a baby, you are postpartum forever and there is power in that. Because your body has done incredible things (like create & birth a human!) and is still capable of more than you think. With me you will get safe and effective practices to strengthen your core from the inside out, help to heal your diastasis (ab separation) and your pelvic dysfunction. You’ll also get more intense workouts with me too, all while being conscious of your core & posture! Ill help you get back to doing the things you loved to do, pre-baby. Like doing jumping jacks and sneezing without peeing!

Being a Mother, is the most challenging, demanding, rewarding, fulfilling role/job I have ever had.  I am so lucky to raise these girls.  They are the light of my life and they challenge me everyday and together we are learning and figuring out this new journey.  Being a woman in our time can be hard but it can also be immensely empowering, and that’s what I want to bring to the table. I want to bring the real, raw and not so pretty parts of motherhood to conversation.

Women are these powerful multifaceted creatures that wear many hats and fill many roles.  We are not one thing.  You are not just a student, or an employee or a business owner or an athlete or a mama.  You might be all of those things or a combination of a few.  We have been through some uncomfortable phases and changes through our lives and we continue to grow, adapt, influence and BECOME!! Become this multidimensional, multifaceted creature that might look different from the woman next to us but we recognize each other. This is why the symbol for Move With Truelove is a butterfly, representing transformation, multifaceted beauty, a creature that has been and looked like very different things than the magical creature that floats through the air, lets get there together.  I see parts of myself in every woman I meet.  And I hope to use this platform to reach them, to be inspired by each other, to see more mamas love their bodies and be proud of what their bodies have done and continue to do. 

Heres to mamahood, movement, mental health, good plant based food, mom humor, highs & lows, love, life and everything in-between!  Grab your iced coffee, read a little blog and get in touch! Send me a message on instagram here, lets be friends! Again, I’m so glad you’re here.

xx Jesse

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