Solly Baby Wraps

I am in love with this wraps from Solly baby! I am using them so much more often this time around with River than when I had Rad! Lets be honest, mama needs the free hands with two girls!! I have other brands of wraps and then just don’t compare to the quality and comfort of these Solly Wraps!

Wearing your baby in a Solly Wrap has been shown to have the following effects on mama and babe!

  1. Reduces infant crying by 43%
  2. Hands free wearing
  3. promotes bonding
  4. they are Hip Healthy Certified
  5. Can Calm gas and reflux
  6. Wearing baby can also reduce postpartum depression
  7. Solly Baby wraps are provide a comfortable custom fit for all sizes

River is wearing the Posy Sleeper set with her Cottage Rose Swaddle

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