Easy Vegan Camping Meal / No hassle vegan dinner : Campfire Taco Stew

Hi Mama! I am sharing a super easy vegan campfire meal! I had to think up a meal hearty enough for my husband, his best friend, my nana, my toddler and easy enough to pull off at a campsite, that didn’t make me want to pull my hair out!

This is also a super easy meal to bring to a potluck or if you are just looking for a hassle free option for dinner. You can always modify and add in whatever your family likes! Meats, cheese, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms etc! We are vegan and I was just looking for the easiest options for bringing to the campsite and all the canned goods made it super easy. I literally dumped it all into a big tubberware and took it like that ready to go. Bring out this page for my instructions and ingredients I used! Happy camping mama!

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One thought on “Easy Vegan Camping Meal / No hassle vegan dinner : Campfire Taco Stew

  1. Cecilia Millay says:

    Thanks for sharing this quick and easy recipe. It looks delicious! Can’t wait to try it next time my family goes camping. 🏕


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