The First Trimester


A little back story first …

Let me just start by saying that I have wanted to be a mom and nothing else since I was 8 years old and met my baby brother Austin when he was born.  You can ask my mom, I was glued to him and her being the best Mama ever.  Watching my mom with a little baby was I think what made being a mom so magical for me.  I would watch him nurse, I would help with diapers and baths and when he got a little bigger I would want him to sleep in my bed.  I was in love. And I fell in love with every sibling my parents gave me after him too.  Babies are magical, how they come into the world is magical and being a mama is just magical.  My mom gave us a whole family, grown in her belly, what is more mystical or magical than that!

From a very young age I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with my life, all I knew is I wanted to be a mom.  What a special job to be chosen to do.  And hopefully with someone so special, the thought of bringing a little life, a little soul in to the world half of me and half of my soul mate is so incredible.

When I met Shane I was 15 and he was 14.  We were babies ourselves.  But we fell in love very early and would talk about getting married and having babies and raising a family.  And almost 10 years later I feel so lucky to be actually getting to do that with my first love, my Soul mate, my Truelove 😉 … how lucky are we! We have had many hurdles and bumps in our road and our love hasn’t always been easy. It’s has had to cross states, oceans and continents.  But this adventure we are about to start together is by far the greatest one of all.  I have been so in love with my kids before I even met Shane and he feels the same way. When we met each other and started having these conversations, then we fell in love with OUR kids.  We have loved this little Squeak for so long before her/his arrival that it feels like he/she has been with us this whole time and now finally has chosen the right time for his/her sweet entrance into our world, our life.


Finding out about Squeak

So I’m sure like a lot women now a days I have a period app to track my days and when I am going to start.  And it has been pretty dead on and I am super in tune with my cycle and pretty much know the hour I am going to start.  Well…after like 3 days of being back from California from Christmas break and only 5-6 days of being engaged, I checked my app and noticed I was three days late.  I chalked it up to being because of the excitement of the engagement and stress of traveling 16 hours with four dogs and 3 cats haha.  Well I was wrong.  I decided to a take a test. I also decided to take a test when Shane was out golfing with a friend.  And to my surprise I got two lines…two lines I have dreamt about for years…well I did not have the reaction that I also had dreamed about having. I fell to the floor, crying, hyperventilating…the works lol.  I called Shane.  I told him as soon as he answered and he was so happy and I told him to come home right now! I immediately proceeded to call Nana… as I do with pretty much anything…like how to do taxes, how to cook rice, what to do if the dogs are sick.  I believed this was a very good reason to call and freak the F out.  She of course was excited and happy and consoled me on the fact that all the wedding plans were now canceled because I planned when for when I would have just been given birth according to my timeline.  My dream wedding just got thrown out the window.  Which I had many things already planned and locked into place with deposits and reservations.  Not to mention I had no medical coverage unless I moved back to California because I was still on my parents coverage.  I was a major stress case.  I ended up getting on SOONER Care through the state in Oklahoma which makes my coverage free which was a huge blessing for us.

Then we had to make all the calls, my parents, his parents, cancel the wedding reservations, get back deposits and change the wedding to 6 months earlier!

And after getting my insurance taking care of, I had to schedule our first appointment.  I was 8 weeks when I had my first appointment and basically they just asked family history questions and get blood from me.

The Ultrasound

I was about 10 weeks when I had my ultrasound appointment. I had to go in with a full bladder for this ultrasound to see the baby best.  Oh how I had to go so bad but once they had me lying down with the screen facing me, I was staring at our baby, our little squeak.  Already moving its little squeak arms! The only thing I felt was love and excitement.  The tech was showing us the little body parts, and the heart beating.  We could see its little tiny heart pumping away. It was incredible.  Then…the spine…that was apparently wayyyy too much for Shane lol. The tech proceeds to tell us we are staring at the spine, its very quiet in our room, and then there is just the sound of someone about to throw up, gagging in his chair is Shane.  The two techs and I look quickly over to find Shane’s hand over his mouth lol. The tech says a lot of dads get sick during ultrasounds haha.  The moment was ruined to say the least ahaha, now we have a funny story to tell.

The First Trimester Symptom Wrap-up

Besides being extremely tired and a little dizzy I didn’t really have any bad symptoms. I have continued to work out and stay active. My workouts do take longer and I haven’t done as much but I just gotta keep moving.  I was so lucky I didn’t have any nausea because I will literally do anything not to throw up.  I did have some heartburn and TUMS have been sooooo helpful! All I wanted was spicy food so the Tums definitely came everywhere with me.  At the end of the first trimester my energy levels were way up! I started out being 115-116Lbs pre-pregnancy and I had only gained 3lbs by end of my first trimester.  Blood work came back healthy as well, being vegan this was something I was curious about. I have been taking vegan prenatal vitamins and vegan omegas and my Juice plus everyday.


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