Chocolate Chia Pudding!

Chia Seeds are the Ultimate Super Food!


Packed with fiber, protein, iron and omega 3 fatty acids, you really can’t go wrong with adding these little guys to everything!  I add them on top of avo toasts, into my morning juices and smoothies and they make super easy breakfast or desert puddings!  There are so many flavors of puddings you can make, the possibilities are endless.  Chia seeds, when added to liquid and left to soak turn the liquid to a gel texture.  It is so simple to make puddings from chia seeds with not needing many ingredients. The one I will be sharing is my chocolate chia pudding.  I like to add whatever yummy toppings I happen to have in the Truelove Pantry. Anything from oats, granola, fresh fruit, frozen fruit, cocao nibs, nuts, seeds etc.



Add the ingredients together and set in the fridge for an hour or two or over night! Add your favorite toppings and enjoy!



Chocolate Chia Pudding

2 T maple syrup

1/4 C cocoa powder

½ t vanilla extract

1 1/2 cups @califiafarms unsweetened almond milk or your favorite non-dairy milk

1/3C Chia seeds

You can add anything as toppings! Strawberries, frozen fruit, more chia, hemp seeds, cocao nibs, nuts, granola really anything.  This was so easy I make these at night and put the toppings on as I leave for the gym, errands, or work. So easy to throw a lid on it and take it to go. Chia seeds are packed with protein and fiber, so it’s great to start your mornings! Also doubles as desert!

All my recipes are Vegan!

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