My 100 Calorie Mocha Iced Coffee – Vegan

So as you can probably gather from this bloggy, that I am in to all the things fitness, wellness and vegan! But all my mamas and just babe friends as a whole know that life…well it sometimes doesn’t happen with out a coffee sometimes, or two…or three! Lets be honest!IMG_5819

I am an iced coffee queen! And I have to say… this…this is where I can really indulge.  I am human, obviously I am not some fitness model with washboard abs, I am a normal human that likes to…no, loves to enjoy life and have a delicious iced coffee and not feel bad about it!IMG_5872

Life Is about more than macros and weighing out your food and prepping and all the things.  I respect the babes out there that value those things and probably enjoy what they are doing. But me…I don’t enjoy do that! I am more of an intuitive eater I guess you could say.  I kinda just feel it out.  Especially while breastfeeding, I haven’t really been dieting; I haven’t gained much weight since having Radley.  Before I got pregnant I was weighing in at 118 and a lot more muscle.  Walking in to delivery I was weighing 128 and I left the hospital with my baby after staying there for 4 days weighing 107, I had a rough delivery, which you can read about here if you so choose! But now 9 ½ months later I am weighing in at 114 and with some muscle but I exclusively breastfeed so my sole worry is my milk supply.  I still am eating as much as my husband at this point.  Breastfeeding takes a lot out of my body! Personally I haven’t had to worry to much about calories since I do workout almost every day recently and am a full time breast feeder.  But I know that isn’t the case for every mama. IMG_3867

So….sorry I went on a weight rant there for a minute! I don’t even really check the scale! I try to focus of just the way my clothes fit and the way I feel! Those are better indicators of health than a scale anyways!

Long story short, we have a sweet little coffee shop in our town that I am a regular at…it got pretty bad there for a while and I was going almost every day! Besides the money that was getting spent there every day…the calories had to be ridiculous!  So I first wanted to do this to save the probably close to 20-25$ a week we were spending on special coffees.  Which I accomplished by breaking out the old stove top espresso maker we also have a small DeLonghi but I find it hard to work with so I prefer the small stove top one.  (you can find one like it here).  The iced coffees were rolling out just fine with one of those guys.  But then I wanted to refine the calorie intake as well and be able to share measurements with you all! So here it is!


The ingredients

  • Lavazza Espresso ¾ cup
  • Torani Dark Chocolate sauce 1 tablespoon
  • Organic Soy Milk (any non-dairy milk with work) ½ cup
  • Vanilla extract (optional) couple drops
  • Ice 1 ½ cups


  • Stove top espresso maker
  • Measuring cup
  • Table spoon
  • Glass jar or coffee cup
  • Metal straw/ reusable straw



  1. Brew the coffee on the stove on high heat. (I fill the inside container with water to the top and then the filter to the top of coffee) wait till you hear the maker spewing or making boiling noises (the stovetop maker), shouldn’t take more than a few minutes and remove from heat.  You can also use just brewed coffee from a coffee pot if you don’t have espresso
  2. Fill your cup with ice
  3. Pour in the milk (45 calories)
  4. The mocha (40 calories)
  5. The vanilla extract (N/A)
  6. And the coffee over top, stir well, and the ice will melt. You’ll be able to add more coffee if there’s room.  Depending on how strong you like it you can add less or more espresso.  The calories are between 2-4 calories in 2-4oz of the espresso.  (4 calories)

If you want more mocha add another tablespoon for 40 calories or for vanilla flavor there is a Torani vanilla sweetener and you can add 1 tablespoon and it adds 40 calories.


If you have any good iced coffee recipes please leave them in a comment! I am loving making my special coffees at home and saving a ton!

If you have a favorite espresso machine please share it below too!

I hope you love this recipe! Or tweek it to be your own.


xx Jesse

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