How to Skin and Freeze Peaches with No Sugar or Syrup

So this might be a random-ish post but this is something I just learned how to do and I thought it would be a fun little post to share with other babes that, like me, had no idea how to skin a peach and freeze them to enjoy all year long!


So this all came about because we were given a box of Colorado peaches! They are so yummy, but they are soooo ripe, like there was no way we would be able to finish the entire box before they started to go bad.  Bug, our daughter Rad, loves peaches and I figured if I could figure out a way to store a bunch of them in the freezer I could use them later as a snack for her and wouldn’t have to worry about eating 30 peaches right now haha, although I probably could because they are so dang good!

First thing is you will want to blanch the peaches.  Basically a fancy word for a super fast hot bath and then super fast cold bath. This will make the skin basically fall off.  You want to get the skin off of the peaches before you cut andfreeze them. 


  1. boil a big ole pot of water
  2. drop the peach into said boiling water for 30 seconds
  3. have an ice cold bath ready for the peach
  4. take the peach out with a spoon with holes in to to let the hot water out
  5. drop the peach into the ice bath
  6. rub the peach and the skin will just fall off!
  7. place the peach off to the side and repeat process with all the other peaches



  1. cut the peaches into slices, removing the pit
  2. put all the slices in a big bowl and toss with lemon juice
  3. I just used the lemon juice that comes in the bottle, since we didn’t have fresh
  4. coat the peaches
  5. lay them out on a flat baking sheet on parchment paper, I didn’t and it was a little tricky getting them off the sheet once they were frozen
  6. freeze until solid, I believe around 4-5 hours, I just did mine over night
  7. remove the slices from the sheet and put in a freezer bag, remove as much air as possible, date the bag and store until needed


I hope you found this post helpful!

Leave any comments about how you freeze fruit or freeze any foods!

xx Jesse


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