For My New Mama To Be’s

1When I first found out I was pregnant, obviously like many new mamas, a million things ran through my mind. But one thing that I knew I was going to do right away was get on a prenatal and omega pill.

As with anything important, I called my Mama and Nana, and they agreed that the first thing to do is to get on a prenatal pill.

But Wait… I’m Vegan

The next thought was, “Well, I am a vegan so you need to make the choice to find vegan sources for these vitamins and omegas, or you take the easy route and go main stream.” This honestly was a struggle for me, I have made the choice to be plant-based, but now I am carrying another human and I need to be responsible for making sure my body has all the necessary vitamins and nutrients to make this baby strong and healthy. Am I letting pride get in the way? Do I listen to people telling me that my pregnancy will be high-risk if I choose to be vegan while pregnant? These were the things that were racing through my mind.


I realized very quickly that many people are going to have-and-give opinions about your body and what you do while you are pregnant, whether you want their opinions or not. So, be ready for that. We then decided I would stay vegan; because, I can get all the same nutrients being plant-based as I would be not vegan, and that I would be healthier and I am able to stay true to my ethics this way.

Hitting the Books

I finally began my research. Like, there is a difference between folic acid and foliate?! Folic acid is the synthetic version of this vitamin, which can be hard to digest for a large part of the population. Folate is a vitamin that is naturally occurring in dark leafy greens! Also that iron in synthetic forms can cause serious stomach-ache too. Some mamas are more sensitive than others.


I came across a brand called Nested Naturals that has plant-based prenatal and vegan omegas; this is exactly what I was looking for. It also contained naturally occurring folate, choline, and you can totally take it on an empty stomach.

In regards to the Nested Naturals Omega, I am totally in love! These omegas come from the same place that fish get their nutrients! Little tiny sea-plants! Omegas are important for immune support and brain development for your tiny growing baby.  There have also been studies done that show that higher levels of Omegas during pregnancy can reduce postpartum depression.

Learn to Listen to Your Unique Body

Everyone will experience different results and/or side effects as every mama is different, but I feel great on this brand. I never feel sick if I take it on an empty stomach, and my energy levels are up as well. It could be that I am leaving the first trimester, but it could also be all the extra vitamins I’m getting. You can purchase my favorite prenatal and omegas here.

Of course I am not qualified to give medical advice so talk to your doctor to see what works best for you.  Nothing I say here is intended to be taken as medical advice.

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