Why (& how) I kick constipation for my pelvic floor

Why do we want to keep constipation at bay…? Well, because it’s pretty sh*tty to feel backed up. Im pretty sure you’ve experienced a time that you felt what I’m talking about. Bloated, backed up and straining on the loo. It’s no fun and Ive been there too. As a pelvic floor specialized and someoneContinue reading “Why (& how) I kick constipation for my pelvic floor”

Booty Sprout Unboxing and Discount Code

HI Mama! I am sharing a super awesome piece of equipment I love! This is not an affiliate link! I just requested discount code for followers to use! Watch and enjoy! I am in love with the bootysprout! I am going to show you an unboxing, how the bootysprout breaks down and share my discountContinue reading “Booty Sprout Unboxing and Discount Code”

Lets Talk Incontinence // Leaking a little Postpartum

It is World Continence Week! Peeing a little when you sneeze or cough or laugh too hard after you have your baby may seem like it is just what happens postpartum. The price of motherhood. Maybe your mother rubs you back or shrugs it off, like oh honey I’ve been peeing my pants for 30Continue reading “Lets Talk Incontinence // Leaking a little Postpartum”