Broccoli Alfredo with Field Roast “Sausage”


One thing our family loved to eat before going vegan was Alfredo dishes!

There are recipes out there of course to create a homemade vegan Alfredo sauce but when you are in a hurry…which we are in this home most of the time, it can be super helpful to just toss the sauce on the few simple ingredients this dish needs!  For all the mamas out there that need a quick 30 minute dinner, this is your fix!

This meal is a favorite of mine to make for guests that don’t eat plant based because with the creamy sauce and sausages you really can’t tell its missing animal products.  I like this dish also when I feel like the family has been missing out on their greens.  You can add broccoli, Brussel sprouts, zucchini, peas or asparagus…really whatever you and your family enjoy.IMG_1723IMG_1725

Field Roast Co. has become a favorite company of mine, their vegan Chao Creamery sliced cheese is super delicious and doesn’t taste plastic like some other plant based cheese.  For the Sausages I have tried the Applewood Smoked and Mexican Chipotle and love them both! We also enjoy their “field burger”.  We put them on the grill to get a little crisp on them and throw on our favorite veggies and Chao sliced cheese.

This Alfredo sauce, Vegan Victoria, is available online but it seems to be a little more pricey that way. Lucky for us people in Guymon, Oklahoma, this sauce is available at Top Value, a local grocery store.

Prep time: 15 minutes  Cook time: 15 minutes 


1 Box of veggie or lentil pasta

2 Crowns of broccoli

1 Jar of vegan Alfredo ( I used Victoria Vegan, its sold at a local grocery store in Oklahoma, its about $5.40 a jar)

Vegan Parm Cheese sprinkle (I use Go Veggie parmesan cheese)

1 package of vegan sausages (I used Field Roast Applewood smoked)


  • follow directions on noodle box
  • cut the stalks off the broccoli crowns and chop the crowns into little pieces
  • on medium heat add broccoli to pan with 1 cup of water and add a sprinkle of garlic and salt and pepper, cover and cook for 8 minutes
  • open sausage package and cut all the sausages into small pieces, uncover and add to pan with broccoli
    • sausages aren’t meat so they are ready to eat, I just like to get them a little crunchy on the outsides
  • by this time your noodle will be ready to drain…drain and return to pot
  • add the broccoli and sausages to the pot with the noodles
  • serve in bowls and spoon your favorite pasta sauce onto dish
  • sprinkle vegan parmesan cheese on top and serve with garlic toast!

Tip: I don’t like to add the sauce to the pot of noodles because when storing left overs it seems like the noodle just absorb all the sauce and then you end up with dry pasta.  If you just store extra sauce and noodles separate its more like you made it fresh even the next day!

To make the vegan garlic toast just use your favorite vegan butter like earth balance and add some garlic powder, salt and pepper and toast in the oven or even the toaster!

Try and let me know what you think! I want to hear your feedback and maybe how you put your own twist on this dish!

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