Amazon Leopard Puffer Jacket!

IMG_5259IMG_5271I am so excited about this puffer jacket you guys!

I was hesitant to purchase because of the green color that it looks on the amazon page and when it arrived it is more of a Khaki Beige and the inside is an olive green, which I can still work with.  I am wearing a size small and its got really good length and while being a puffer, its more of a light weight puff and not over whelming.  Reviews were complaining about the extra length but girl, if you are from somewhere cold, you want the booty coverage!

I had been eyeballing a leopard puffer from another retailer and it was double the price of this one. I was so happy with this one, it filled my “leopard puffer void”

plus it is $34.99 shipped! SO that was plus for me. Also wearing my oversized tee in an xs, and favorite leggings in size small.

My sneaks are my favorite athletic shoe. I have two colors and even got my hubby off of the nike train and on to these!

I would order your true size in the puffer, and everything except the oversized tee, you could size down one.  If you want it baggier, then get your normal size and you can front tuck, or tie it in a knot like I did!

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