Fall’n in Love with This Season and New Family Tradition


Oh my goodness! Have I ever loved fall more than when I have chased my first born around a real pumpkin patch ranch in the Oklahoma Panhandle! This was such a fun experience! Being from California, we had never experienced a pumpkin patch like this before.  Greeted in the “parking lot”, aka the farmers front yard, with a big giant wagon and huge branch snipers.  Along with their big dogs running around between the trucks and corn fields.  The older woman running the show asked us if we wanted to borrow the “gator” to get a big pumpkin.  We decided we probably wouldn’t need it, not knowing just how big those pumpkins out there were!

Coming from great weather, basically year round in California to experiencing all the seasons here in Oklahoma, we have totally learned to love them all.  And I have truly fallen in love with Fall.  Yeah it took us a really cold season of figuring out that we DID NOT have warm clothes lol.  But in the last 5 years we have really figured some things out.  😉


We got out there and all our pumpkin dreams came true!  This wagon wasn’t ours but I had to steal a shot of our Bug in the wagon with all these colors!

IMG_3560Radley girl had the best time out there with Daddy and Uncle Ev cruising the fields looking for the best ones!  There was also a corn slide and corn pit that the kids could play in.  I 100% recommend, if you are in the panhandle area that you visit Meyers Pumpkin Patch & Corn maze.  Bug is 13 months and loved every second of it! But I remind you! This is a working ranch and it was muddy out there! Don’t wear boots that you don’t want to get dirty and muddy! The prices were soooo good.  We left with a bunch of pumpkins for $25.  Couldn’t beat that in town for sure.



They also had a big stack of hay bails with all colored pumpkins along it and was perfect for a family photo! This place was definitely a little hidden gem that we never knew about! We have made our first fall tradition and totally had a blast! IMG_3528


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