Best Toys Starting at 11 months Old to 2 years old!

With the holidays coming faster than we know it, I wanted to share some great toy options for babies starting at 11 months! Rad is 13 months right now and I see her using these toys for a long time!

IMG_3998I am sharing our favorite toys that Radley is loving since she was 11 months old! Right when she really started to get comfortable walking is when she started playing with bigger toys.

First up is this adorable kitchen from, it wasn’t too difficult to put together, I did it by myself.  There is a ton of screws and parts tho. So make sure you don’t have the little one around while you do this! I think its great quality and its sturdy.






This Bumble Bee has been a hoot since we’ve had it blown up.  Oh my goodness, this make a great gift and is on the inexpensive side, but still super fun and easy to set up.










Love this swing for the back yard and is something fun like going to the park but you don’t have to leave home! There are two color options and this is a no brainer if you have little kids, its totally a must have.  Also, its on the inexpensive side.  (CLICK PHOTO TO BUY)







COZY PRINCESS TRUCK—the name says it all.  Just do your little babe a favor and click the photo to buy it.  The floor boards come up when they are ready to push themselves with their feed.  Otherwise just leave the floor boards in there so they are safe while you push them where ever they want! Plus the truck bed opens and closes and has a working horn.








Buggly Wuggly — This was the cutest gift from her OMA & OPA.  Her nickname is Bug so it was especially fitting that she have this toy! The little guy is on wheels and the eyes light up and make different noises when you press them! The top of the body also opens up and there is some toy storage!




Click any of the photos to be taken to where you can purchase! I do receive a small commission if you purchase through my links on this blog, it helps support this blog and keeps it and my small business running! I appreciate all of your support!

-Jesse Truelove

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