Mobot Foam Roller Water Bottle – the home gym or gym bag fitness must have!! & Discount Code

Y’all! I am so excited to be partnering with Mobot Nation, a sustainable foam roller water bottle company!



I am a new RollModel and I am so pumped about being connected with such an awesome brand! Mobot Bottles are made from 100% recycled stainless steel and non-toxic foam, so you can feel good about your purchase knowing that is a healthy, sustainable choice.  This fitness must-have is perfect for everyone! Foam rolling is not exclusive to athletes and professionals, this is literally something any and every person can benefit from.


Self Myo-fascial Release – This is the term for what we are when we foam roll our muscles.  Basically when you workout or just perform any daily activities your muscle fibers can get tight and essentially bunched up into a knot.  Hence why is feels so good when we go get pedicures and melt into those massage chairs or get the 15 minute calf squeeze from the pedicurist.  our muscles work hard and then get those knots that can restrict full range of motion, cause the tightness (like not being able to touch your toes etc.), and cause achy-ness.  The basic explanation for what the goal is while foam rolling is when you find a tender spot, it may feel a little like a bruise, you want to hold your position on that knot until it softens and you feel the release.  This release can take 30seconds to 1 and a half minutes. performing rolling either before or after your workout helps lengthen those tight muscles fibers.  You don’t want to spend a long time foam rolling, but a few minutes on each side loosening up those knots can be very beneficial to your muscles.  


  • it softens the fascia and helps restore full range of motion
  • improves recovery time
  • improves flexibility
  • brings blood and oxygen to the muscles

How to find a trigger point?

  • start slow, if you’ve never rolled before, it can hurt like a mother!
  • find your spot that feels like bruise or tender area
  • hold that position for 30s-1.5min until tension releases and softens
  • you can adjust the intensity by holding more or less of your body weight on the roller
  • when the spot softens, move on to a new spot
  • tip: your muscles will respond best when hydrated, how convenient! You’ve got a Mobot for that!

Why I love my MOBOT and think is wonderful for busy babes and fit mamas!


  • reminds me to foam roll!
  • reminds me to drink water! (dont fill up until you have drank the whole bottle)
  • as a mama, I usually can get lucky with just having one hand free, with Radley in my other hand on my hip, so being able to hit my workout grabbing my water and roller in one hand just make is so convenient for me!
  • super cute and a great conversation starter.  share your love for foam rolling with others and spread the health!
  • Because both water and foam rolling are healing that my body, and everyBODY, needs!
  • it can hold up to 350lbs



This code will save you 10% off your purchase

My Big Bertha Bottle is 40oz and in my favorite color, PINK! There are so many fun colors and you can get yours here!

There are three sizes. Even a little one perfect for kids!

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