Why (& how) I kick constipation for my pelvic floor

Why do we want to keep constipation at bay…? Well, because it’s pretty sh*tty to feel backed up. Im pretty sure you’ve experienced a time that you felt what I’m talking about. Bloated, backed up and straining on the loo. It’s no fun and Ive been there too. As a pelvic floor specialized and someoneContinue reading “Why (& how) I kick constipation for my pelvic floor”

Your Jaw Tension is related to Your Pelvic Floor Tension

Yesss I said it! If you are someone that is a chronic jaw clamper, teeth grinder or someone that suffers from TMJ then you are also probably experiencing signs of pelvic floor dysfunctions! Did you also know that we have 3 ‘floors’ in our bodies…not just our pelvic floor and they are all also influencedContinue reading “Your Jaw Tension is related to Your Pelvic Floor Tension”

Why am I peeing my pants!

This post could be a novel!

I’m going to break down the possible reasons you are experiencing urinary incontinence, some will be more obvious than others. Remember to take this post with a grain of salt because every woman is different and leaking can happen for a-lot of reasons, which it’s why one on one coaching can be incredibly helpful when trying to get to the root cause of this symptom.

If you are experiencing leaking and want to address it, I would love to see you in my MomCORE Program inside my app!