Postpartum Exercises to Restore Core Strength and Heal Diastasis Recti

Hey MAMAS! Coming in hot with a few great core restoring exercises to add to your tool belts!



  • T-Twists – Twist when core in engaged and you have exhaled all of your air
  • T-side Bends – engage core, inhale as you tilt and exhale, tightening your core and bring your body back up right
  • Toe Touches – With core engaged and body controlled, reach out with your foot, tap the ground then return feet together (to increase difficulty, close your eyes!)

Repeat each exercise for 10 reps and at least 3 sets! Have fun mamas!! (more instruction within video below)

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As always, I am not a dr., so please check with yours before starting a new workout program or if you are freshly postpartum!

xx, Jesse

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