Aerie Favorite Active & Lounge Wear

    Tracksuit  Leopard Slip Dress lots of other colors! Leopard Bike Shorts 2 Colors! Leopard Strappy Sports Bra 4 colors Twist Back active tee lots of colors High Waisted Leggings lots of colors Henley Top  Muscle Tank Twisted Sports Bra I hope you love my picks! These leggings are literally the best ever...seriously.  

Postpartum Core Exercises with Small Ball

4 Postpartum Core exercises with Small Ball For Diastasis Recti, C-section Recovery and Postpartum Overall Strengthening your pelvic floor and transverse abdominis can help reduce the risk for organ prolapse, Diastasis Recti, pain during sex, peeing when you jump/sneeze/cough etc. all which is NOT normal and something you DO NOT have to live with! You … Continue reading Postpartum Core Exercises with Small Ball