Why am I peeing my pants!

This post could be a novel!

I’m going to break down the possible reasons you are experiencing urinary incontinence, some will be more obvious than others. Remember to take this post with a grain of salt because every woman is different and leaking can happen for a-lot of reasons, which it’s why one on one coaching can be incredibly helpful when trying to get to the root cause of this symptom.

If you are experiencing leaking and want to address it, I would love to see you in my MomCORE Program inside my app!

Our Trip to Branson, Missouri: With 3 year old & 1 Year old!

We have been going to Branson every year, for our anniversary, basically since 2019! But I have to say that this year really takes the cake in terms of things we did and where we stayed. So I’ll be using this post to tell you all about our favorite things we did with the kids,Continue reading “Our Trip to Branson, Missouri: With 3 year old & 1 Year old!”

Why didn’t you do a VBAC

Where are my C-section mamas at‼️➡️😵‍💫Based on a real DM sent to my inbox.I’ve gotten hundreds of dms asking why I didn’t do a vbac. 😑There is a lot of chatter on socials about how unnecessary csections are, especially during #csectionawarenessmonth … how they are pushed on moms, how they could successfully do a vbac,Continue reading “Why didn’t you do a VBAC”