C-section Scar Progress (1st & 2nd)

I am sharing my c-section scar progress here!

They are in chronological order starting from my first scar!
I do have two separate scars! It really depends on the OB, but you don’t always end up with two separate scars so definitely chat with your OB before your big day!
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I have used the scar strips on my scar for the recommended amount of time and saw little change! Long lasting results happen through the scar tissue protocols I teach inside the Ab Rehab! They are the exact protocols I used on my own scars!

3/15/21 3 days postpartum – second c-section

3/21/21 10 days postpartum 2nd c-section
3/25/21 2 weeks postpartum 2nd c-section

4/27/21 6 weeks postpartum – 2nd c-section
8/5/21 Almost 5 months Postpartum 2nd c-section
8/31/21 5.5 months postpartum 2nd c-section

10/17/21 7 months postpartum 2nd c-section

If you have questions about my scars or your upcoming c-section or if you are a c-section mama already leave your questions in the comments or reach out to me on my instagram page! I would love to hear from you!

xo Jesse

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