C-section Scar Progress (1st & 2nd)

I am sharing my c-section scar progress here! They are in chronological order starting from my first scar! I do have two separate scars! It really depends on the OB, but you don’t always end up with two separate scars so definitely chat with your OB before your big day! I talk about scar tissueContinue reading “C-section Scar Progress (1st & 2nd)”

River’s Birth Story – My Planned Scheduled C-section

Well if this doesn’t scream 2nd kid. I’m 12 months late to writing this. I have written bits and pieces throughout the last year, but I haven’t sat down to publish this post! If you follow along with me on my IG account then you may have watched the video version of this Birth StoryContinue reading “River’s Birth Story – My Planned Scheduled C-section”

C-section Hospital Bag Checklist & Birth Preferences Sheet (Filled Out + Blank)

Hi Mamas! I was creating my own hospital bag list and was thinking this could be helpful for other mamas that are having a planned c-section or just want an easy checklist template to make your own! I also know that every delivery is different and mamas preferences differ as well! So I have providedContinue reading “C-section Hospital Bag Checklist & Birth Preferences Sheet (Filled Out + Blank)”