What makes the MomCORE program & app different from other postpartum recovery programs

It is a question I have gotten a lot since the launch of my program MomCORE and new app platform! I am going to run through the major differences between the MomCORE program & app versus other postpartum core and pelvic floor programs on the market.

1. Inclusive & accessible pricing

I wanted to make my program and real healing accessible to the most women as possible through a realistic price point.

Virtual one time consultations with a pelvic floor pt are anywhere from $110 for 45mins to $350+ for just the initial consultation…follow ups for questions, concerns, modifications etc are all an additional cost. For many mamas, this cost is not realistic.

I have been trained by some of the best PTs around the world, in the field of pre/postnatal recovery with a speciality in pelvic floor, diastasis, breathing mechanics and postural imbalances.

I have assessed and coaches thousands of women virtually through this season of life.

Access to my program and in app direct messaging coaching is a subscription of either $99.99 for a year of access OR $14.99 per month

2. Direct private coaching with me in the app (text & video options) 

You have access to me when you need it! Send me a video or text message all within the app to get the support you need!

If you see me sign my name, its really me sister! I am here for you every step of the way!

Do not hesitate to reach out when you have questions! Not knowing your next step or how to modify is not going to be a reason to quit this time, because you’ve got me in your pocket!

3. Accomplish your workout in 35m or LESS

As a busy mama myself, I understand how time is just not on our side sometimes! I wanted to bring you safe, effective and efficient workouts to get you results on a MOM schedule!

You’ll have one video to complete per day in MomCORE in 35 minutes or less!

4. Increase mobility, release tension & feel energized 

My workouts were designed for new mamas, early postpartum mamas, c-section moms, women looking to heal dysfunction and reconnect to their bodies in a new way. You more impact, more speed and more intense doesn’t always mean BETTER. I want to leave you feeling energized and CONNECTED when you finished a MomCORE workout with me.

5. Breath & Mobility work in every workout

Your breath is your power and most people do it wrong! No wonder our society and especially moms find themselves stuck in survival mode, literally. Do you find yourself holding your breath through the day…or if you try to take a deep breath your shoulders get closer to your ears? If yes, this is not how our bodies were made to function. It has a trickle effect of dysfunction. So in my program, you will learn how to breathe in a way that supports your pelvic floor, core muscles, nervous system, mind and entire body!

6. Physical Therapy Inspired Programming

I am not a physical therapist but I have been trained by some of the most well known and impactful PT’s in this field from around the world. MomCORE is not 5 magic ab exercises to close your gap. This is a whole body progressive approach to healing from your pregnancy, delivery and postpartum experience. I have coached and assessed thousands of women virtually and in person over the last almost 10 years that I’ve been in the fitness industry and I am so confident I can help your improve your symptoms and quality of life.

7. Easy to navigate app

I was not willing to risk a clunky application from getting in the way of YOUR HEALING! With my platform you have everything you need to get your workout in and nothing you don’t!

8. In app PRIVATE progress tracking to keep you motivated

Photos can help show us the progress that we may not feel or see by just looking in the mirror! You can feel comfortable knowing that my app have PRIVATE in app progress tracking. You can upload your day 1 photo and NO ONE has access to those photos besides you! I would love to see and share your success, and you can choose when to share those with me!

9. In app calendar to plan your week or MONTH with reminders

Plan and customize your programming in an IN APP calendar that will send you reminders to your phone if you have the notifications on! Its like having me in your pocket nudging you to encourage you to move your MomCORE!

Learn more about MomCORE HERE

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