Your Jaw Tension is related to Your Pelvic Floor Tension

Yesss I said it! If you are someone that is a chronic jaw clamper, teeth grinder or someone that suffers from TMJ then you are also probably experiencing signs of pelvic floor dysfunctions! Did you also know that we have 3 ‘floors’ in our bodies…not just our pelvic floor and they are all also influenced by emotion!

The Floors: Jaw floor, diaphragmatic and pelvic floor!

Dysfunctions in one floor can totally influence dysfunctions throughout the rest!

Why Kegels don’t work for everyone. Here I’m using the spring analogy! A spring that is totally compressed, ie a tight pelvic floor, doesn’t have space to absorb shock. Shock would be stepping off a curb, coughing or sneezing, jumping jacks or running. This is the reason Kegels don’t work for everyone. Kegels are pelvic floor contractions, but if you have no where to contract, then you are just increasing your pelvic floor imbalance. 


•high stress or anxiety…think about a dog tucking its tail when its scared or being yelled out… its protecting its most vulnerable place on its body. The pelvic floor is an anticipatory group of muscles and studies show it as one of the first muscle groups to fire in fight or flight. This can explain a lot for people in a constant state of stress.

holding tension in jaw, upper abs, Glutes and pelvic floor is not uncommon in new mamas.

Gripping for stability-for fear of leaking you constantly are holding tension in your pelvic floor – this over times leads to muscle imbalances and compensation 

•poor breathing patterns – specifically belly button sucker inners and chest breathers 

Trauma…this could be birth trauma, emotional or physical like excessive tearing, but this also includes other trauma surrounding the pelvic space and organs


•trouble urinating or has constipation

•painful sex 

•low back pain

•can’t take a deep breath of air


•Coccyx pain (tailbone pain)

•urinary urgency(having to go all the time and “gotta go right now!” 


-Release pelvic floor …endless Kegels will make your issues worse sister!

-reestablish Core and pelvic floor function and balance 

-correct posture 

-correct breathing pattern

-whole body approach- because everything in the body is connected

✨Kegels don’t fix everything for everyone. They are only a part of the equation. We are simply much more complex than that! 

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