Why didn’t you do a VBAC

Where are my C-section mamas at‼️
➡️😵‍💫Based on a real DM sent to my inbox.
I’ve gotten hundreds of dms asking why I didn’t do a vbac.

😑There is a lot of chatter on socials about how unnecessary csections are, especially during #csectionawarenessmonth … how they are pushed on moms, how they could successfully do a vbac, how they could have successfully delivered vaginally if they were given more time, or my personal favorite “worst” comment…if mom tried hard enough.

➡️I also have hundreds of messages from C-section moms saying they felt so much shame and guilt around their unplanned or planned C-section until coming to my page and feeling advocated for.

🙌🏽I will continue to advocate for C-section mamas, because there isn’t enough of it.

➡️Whether you wanted or didn’t want your C-section, i think you are a warrior and you birthed your baby by all means necessary.

➡️You sacrificed so much to get your baby into the world safely and in the way that felt best to you. There is no room for shame around that.

✅A C-section…is necessary if it’s what’s mom wants
✅It’s necessary if it’s better for moms mental health
✅it’s necessary if planning a second C-section means that mom can calm her racing fears of ending up in the same emergency situation
✅if it means a safer entrance for baby and for the birth of the mom

➡️🤍Your birth experience matters.

😌Don’t let anyone make you question your choices surrounding your birth, mothering or postpartum recovery. Mama knows best.

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