Lets Fix Your Posture, Sister!

Carrying a big belly pregnant, then breastfeeding like 22 hours a day lol, carrying infants, toddlers, bending over to pick them up, put them down, carrying car seats, texting, driving…all this can lead to horrible posture in mamas. We can try to remember but let’s be honest, it’s probably the last thing on our “list” and slowly it completely slips our mind. It’s important to work on your posture throughout the day to reduce back pain, hip pain, knee, ankle and foot pain. Making these following changes will help reduce that and led to better posture, a stronger core, better breathing alignment and even help reduce the pooch. You could just be standing terribly and it could be causing your core to be stretching and pooching out! 



✨FEET HIP DISTANCE APART-pointing straight ahead

✨KNEES FACING FORWARD-not turning inward-this causes your feet to fall in and go flat

✨HIPS IN LINE WITH ANKLES-Bring hips backwards

✨NEUTRAL PELVIS-don’t tuck the butt or stick it out, find the neutral place. Neutral will feel awkward but notice if your back pain goes away, also the belly pooch reduces 😉

✨RIBS DOWN! No flared ribs. We are constantly told to keep our chest up and shoulders back but….this can put extra stress on the linea alba(it’s connected to those ribs)so remember to keep them down always! 

✨SHOULDERS ARE SOFT AND NEUTRAL-not pulled all the way back, not rounded forward

✨CHIN/HEAD- pull it back inline with your spine. Texting, driving, breastfeeding your chin tends to jut out in front to help balance. Pull it back!

Doing these adjustments will help keep your diaphragm over your core and core over your pelvic floor for optimal core breathing and function. Leading to better strength for all 3. Helping to not to add stress to the linea alba or anywhere in the core or pelvic floor.

If you can try to focus on one thing everyday, let it be your pelvis! Try to keep that pelvis neutral.  This will have the greatest effect on your knee and foot placement, reducing low pain and flat foot pain!

Just one more thing to add to your tool belt! I hope this helps! 

If you have questions please leave comments or email or personal message me on instagram!


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