Your Jaw Tension is related to Your Pelvic Floor Tension

Yesss I said it! If you are someone that is a chronic jaw clamper, teeth grinder or someone that suffers from TMJ then you are also probably experiencing signs of pelvic floor dysfunctions! Did you also know that we have 3 ‘floors’ in our bodies…not just our pelvic floor and they are all also influencedContinue reading “Your Jaw Tension is related to Your Pelvic Floor Tension”

Pelvic Neutral // How to Find Yours

I love this photo because it shows the pelvis as a bucket and how it looks when you are tipping forward and back! I have an easy trick to find your pelvis’ neutral position and its best position to support the spine, pelvic floor and diaphragm. I know it can be difficult to find yourContinue reading “Pelvic Neutral // How to Find Yours”